DIY Fencing Projects - Tips and Advice from Big Country PVC Fencing
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Are you considering a DIY Fencing Project?

If DIY is an option you are considering, you will benefit from our helpful collection of YouTube installation videos. We also offer plans and instructional advice to enable you to install your fence.

With each DIY fence, we endeavour to supply several install tools that will make installing your new fence a breeze. We also offer optional add-ons and accessories and custom tricks that will allow you to embellish and improve the value and appearance of your fence. Simply use the code supplied with your invoice to access our page.

We offer a complete service for DIY fencing projects and also provide a professional installation service if required. If we can’t come to you, we’re happy to provide our consultancy services to liaise with your local installers!

We have more than 20 years experience in the fencing industry and we understand that purchasing and installing a new fence is a serious investment. Big Country PVC Fencing is happy to assist you with any custom designs you may have and can offer solutions for all your fencing needs.

Big Country PVC Fencing YouTube Channel

for great tips and advice on DIY fencing

Fence Installation DIY
Big Country PVC Fencing supplied materials for DIY fence installation
DIY Installation of Privacy Fence

DIY Instructional Support


  1. Fence installer or DIY handyman for installation of your fence.
  2. Contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to ensure you know where your underground assets lie.
  3. Cement and PVC solvent cement glue for the picket caps and post caps.
  4. Screws, bolts or plugs for fixing your fence to the walls or floors.
  5. Tools required for installation including level, cut off saw, screw gun, clean cloths etc


  1. Flat packed fence components specifically for your fence.
  2. Gates, hinges and latches as shown.
  3. Screws and brackets for mounting hinges to posts and gate frames.
  4. Screws for securing the rails and posts together.