Picket Fencing - Big Country PVC Fencing - Australian Owned
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Picket Fencing

We work with you to complete your perfect picket fencing project

Big Country PVC Fencing offers a wide range of picket fencing styles with standard or custom features. We create each picket fence project by listening, consulting and designing with you, the customer, to achieve a perfect PVC fence for your individual application. With Australia’s rich heritage in home designs, Big Country PVC Fencing’s picket fencing styles are a perfect finish for your home and property. Elegant, with beautiful lines, and available in a crisp, white finish, your Big Country PVC Fencing picket fence will immediately lift and beautify your property.

Big Country PVC Fencing offers a fantastic range of picket fencing styles in various standard heights from 900mm to 1800mm, with options to customise a height to suit you. This fence type is our “bread and butter” and we have designed our fences to offer the best aesthetic and strength options for our customers.

Our standard posts are 127 x 127mm, cemented into the ground 600mm with a 50mm clearance above ground level. Our panels are 2.4m span and we use a 150 x 50mm, three-cell bottom rail that incorporates an aluminium rail stiffener. Top rails are 88 x 51mm and we use a flat picket of 76 x 22mm as our standard “classic” picket type.

From experience, we only use 127 x 127mm posts for our fences as they balance our 2.4m spans. All our bottom rails are the larger 150 x 50mm rail with aluminium rail stiffener to eliminate rail and panel sag.

Big Country PVC Fencing picket fencing is available in Classic Level, Classic Scallop, Classic Raked Level, Guardian and Settler styles.

Over ten years of testing and sampling has confirmed to us that white is the best colour option for our Australian conditions. However, beige is also able to be ordered, on request.

We offer optional raked panels to follow ground slopes, where possible. You also have an option for additional pickets per panel and heights.

All styles come with the option of matching gates.


If you see a fence style that you would like to customise, send your idea and a fence plan to us and we’ll create a beautiful fence for you.

Simply draw your picket fencing plan, noting distances and any gate ways. You can mark any slope as mm fall over a 2400mm section, eg 200mm/2400mm. From here, we can create a clear and detailed quote for you.

We’re looking forward to creating your perfect fence today!