Pool and Safety Fencing - Big Country PVC Fencing - Australian Owned
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Pool and Safety Fencing

Big Country PVC Fencing offers attractive, low maintenance and effective pool and safety fencing options

When it comes to planning your pool and safety fencing, there are many regulations and design factors to take into account in order to meet Council approval.

Big Country PVC Fencing pool fence panels are certified compliant to the Australian Pool Panel Manufacturing Code and have been designed and tested to be a safe and effective choice for pool and safety fencing. We also offer accompanying gates that include pool-safe latches and hinges.

PVC fencing has some wonderful properties that sets it apart as an ideal choice for pool and safety fencing. PVC fencing does not corrode or rot in the presence of moisture, it is non-conductive to electricity and offers a superior and elegant finish for your pool area.

Our standard posts are 127 x 127mm cemented into the ground 600 mm with a 50 mm clearance above ground level. Our panels are 2.4m and we use a 150 x 50mm, three-cell bottom rail that incorporates a custom designed aluminium rail stiffener. Our top rails are 88 x 51mm and we use a flat picket of 76 x 22mm as the standard picket.

Over ten years of testing and sampling has confirmed to us that white is the best colour option for our Australian conditions. However, beige is also able to be ordered, on request.

We offer accompanying gates that include pool-safe latches and hinges.


If you see a fence style that you would like to customise, send your idea and a fence plan to us and we’ll create a beautiful fence for you.

You are welcome to contact us at any time for help or information regarding your pool and safety fencing concerns. If you are interested in a customised solution, send your pool fence plan to Big Country PVC Fencing and we’ll create an elegant and safe asset to compliment your pool area. Simply draw your fencing plan and note distances and any gate ways. You can note any slope as mm fall over a 2400mm section, eg 200mm/2400mm. With this information we can create a clear and detailed quote for you.

We’re looking forward to helping you create your perfect fence today!