Post and Rail Fencing - Big Country PVC Fencing - Australian Owned
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Post and Rail Fencing

With our vast experience in PVC post and rail fencing, we can offer you the most suitable, well-designed and best value fence for your property

PVC post and rail fencing offers a safe and attractive solution to retain horses and other sensitive livestock. We regularly have positive feedback from owners where their horse has struck or breached our post and rail fencing with no injury to the horse. Striking or breaching any other fencing system in the same scenario would have resulted in serious injury or death. We understand that safeguarding your treasured stock is an important consideration when deciding what kind of fencing to install and we offer a range of equine solutions to suit.

Big Country PVC Fencing have sampled and tested the best PVC post and rail fencing the industry has to offer and are proud to supply you with the best value-for-money and highly durable PVC post and rail fencing options. We have selected post and rail fencing systems that are the most suited to our Australian conditions and our fences are backed by our 50 year warranty, giving you complete assurance and peace of mind.

We offer supply or supply and install options and are happy to assist your local installers in installing our post and rail fencing. You can read more information regarding our services under DIY or Installation.

Our customers regularly show us new and innovative applications that suit their personal situation. Wanting a custom solution? Simply draw your post and rail fencing plan and note distances and any gate ways. You can note any slope as mm fall over a 2400mm section, eg 200mm/2400mm. From here, we can create a clear and detailed quote for you.

Our standard post and rail fencing is based on a 127 x 127mm post that is cemented into the ground 600mm. Our standard rail is a four-cell 140mm x 40mm and provides the best balance of strength and flexibility to reduce injury of livestock. Rail options are from one rail to four, as standard, and all ideas in between.

With our vast experience in PVC post and rail ranch style fencing, we can offer you the most suitable, well-designed and best value fence for your property.

The biggest application of our post and rail fencing is as beautification fencing, to define boundaries, driveways and house yards. Other applications include warm blood boundary fences, internal fence lines, spelling and day yards, arenas and working yards, dog, animal and vermin fencing. Our post and rail fencing also lends itself to being electrified, if needed, due to its non-conductive properties.

Over ten years of testing and sampling has confirmed to us that white is the best colour option for our Australian conditions. However, beige is also able to be ordered, on request.

At Big Country PVC Fencing, we prefer to offer customised designs for any fence. Wherever possible, we like the rails to be raked to flow along sloping and undulating ground. By offering this option, our fences become sweeping, beautiful fence lines that compliment your property.


If you see a fence style that you would like to customise, send your idea and a fence plan to us and we’ll create a beautiful fence for you.

Why choose PVC post and rail fencing?

Low Maintenance

PVC won't peel, flake, blister, corrode, rust, rot, crack or split and is easy to clean.

Flawless Finish

PVC's near flawless finish is perfect for house yards and properties.


PVC is an economical choice due to its easy maintenance and longevity.

Easy Installation

PVC is easily installed - you can choose to use one of our qualifiers installers or you can do it yourself!

We’re looking forward to helping you create your perfect fence today!