Semi-Privacy Fencing - Big Country PVC Fencing - Australian Owned
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Semi-Privacy Fencing

Big Country PVC Fencing offers robust and attractive semi-privacy fencing, allowing air-flow while still maintaining privacy

PVC semi-privacy fencing combines privacy with airflow and offers a superior finish over other materials. At Big Country PVC Fencing, we offer design and planning solutions and can create custom designs for you including optional fence heights, rails, locations and picket spacing.

PVC/Vinyl is a modern fencing product used extensively in the USA and around the world. It offers wonderful advantages over timber and steel fencing, won’t peel, flake, blister, corrode, rust, rot, crack or split and its near flawless finish is perfect for a range of different properties.

We are convinced that we offer the best balance of affordable and durable fencing products to suit our Australian conditions.

Big Country PVC Fencing offers supply and install options and if we are unable to complete your project ourselves, we are happy to liaise with local installers to complete your work to your satisfaction.

Our standard posts are 127 x 127mm, cemented into the ground 600mm with a 50mm clearance above ground level. Our panels are 2.4m and we use a 150 x 50mm, two-cell bottom rail that incorporates our custom designed aluminium rail stiffener.

Top rails are 150 x 50mm and we use a flat ribbed infill panel as our standard infill.

Big Country PVC Fencing offers many custom options such as varying fence heights, rails styles, locations and picket spacing. We will happily work with your suggestions and plans, or we can design a custom solution for you.

Over ten years of testing and sampling has confirmed to us that white is the best colour option for our Australian conditions. However, beige is also able to be ordered, on request.

Wherever possible, we like the rails to be raked to flow along sloping and undulating ground. By offering this option, our fences become sweeping, beautiful fence lines that compliment your property.

All styles come with the option of matching gates.


If you see a fence style that you would like to customise, send your idea and a fence plan to us and we’ll create a beautiful fence for you.

We’re looking forward to helping you create your perfect fence today!